Friday, 23 December 2011

A bit more velvet

Skirt (Dress) - TopShop
Shirt - Vintage 
Belt - Vintage Gucci 
Necklace - TopShop
Earings - Urban Outfitters
Rings (2 sets) - H&M

So, as you can tell I am slightly obsessed with this dress now, so much so that I have now doubled it as a skirt (I just turned up the shirt and held it in place with the belt). I feel so unbelievably British in this outfit, it just oozes British highstreet. I am loving this new trend of fully buttoning up shirts and adding short necklaces although this shirt is missing a button at the very top, which is annoying when you're a perfectionist like me. This shirt is, again, from Unicorn in Oxford, which is where I get pretty much all of my vintage clothing. I must be one of their best customers by now, I spend half my life digging around the piles of clothes there, and I mean piles! 
I tweeted earlier that I think I am wearing the most rings I have ever worn today, with a new personal best of 13! The 3 chunky rings are one set and the others are another, all from H&M. I was in MK yesterday doing some last minute shopping with my best friend and decided to pick the rings up to cheer me up (I was spending obscene amounts of money on Christmas presents). A warning to all, do not go to MK shopping center 4 days before Christmas! It was hell! We spent 5 hours trudging through crowds of people with heavy bags of presents. Not fun. Either way I still managed to get all of my shopping done so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Although I am now broke.
I hope y'all have are more organized than we were and are super excited for the holidays! 


  1. I've got this velvet topshop dress and i'd never thought to wear it like this! Great idea though, will be trying it out :)

    Georgie <3

  2. You definitely should! :) this is one of my fave looks xxx