Monday, 5 December 2011

Another School Day

 Jumper - Vintage Store
Belt - Vintage Gucci
Skirt - Primark 
Band Ring - Charity Shop
Blue Ring - YSL 

3 for 3, I'm on a roll! It is so good to be home, I have had such a stressful day and I feel I need to vent a little bit here. Remember I said I would cry if I received any more history notes? Well that was achieved today! School is far more stressful now then when I was in preschool. I would kill to have daily nap times again. 
Anywho, despite my loathing of life, here is another OOTD. 
I wore this to school today as it's super cold out now, and I am super tired along side it, so I dressed for comfort and warmth this morning. The Jumper is from a vintage shop in Oxford and I am so in love with it. I was slightly scared that people would think I looked like a granny in it at school but people loved it, so that was a success! 
I don't think many people pair vintage Gucci with Primark nowadays but I've tried it here.The belt was my mum's from years and years ago and had just been sitting in out attic since we moved into our house. So in my current state of recycling clothes, I felt it was more than appropriate to give this gorgeous little thing a second shot at life. I apologize, by the way, for the state of my skirt, I wasn't aware how dirty it was. I took these pictures after getting home from school so I must have spilled something on it during the day.
Well I should go and have a go at those notes, they're just sat on my desk willing for me to do them. 
Hope y'all have more interesting evenings than me hehe!

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  1. I love that primark skirt! The colour is perfect for fall/winter, I wish we had a primark here in Canada haha. And that vintage gucci belt is super cute too :)