Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Week In Pictures 2

 So, this is my Primark purse, transformed.

 My life is a general mess

Yum <3
                Tea Icing.                                                                       My friend in a tattoo sleeve.

My 2 loves. My best friend and my shoes.

So this is this week's week in pictures :) I'm afraid it wasn't a very productive week as I have spent the majority of the week sat with a cup of LemSip and a duvet as I have the flu! Which is also the reason behind the lack of outfit posts this week. They require far too much movement I'm afraid. 
Any questions about the above just leave me a comment :) 

The Versatile Blog Award!

Oh my gosh guys! I am so excited! This is the second time I have won this award (the first time was 2 days ago so I'm just doing 1 post for both). I am so unbelievably thankful to Bethany from Keep Moving Forward and Nicole from The Gloss Over . If you haven't seen their blogs yet you need to do it ASAP! I cant believe people are acknowledging my blog but I am so thankful for it. 

So here are the 10 people I would like to pass this award onto :) 

1. My stunning cousin Lydia at Lydia Elise Millen 
2. Vicky at #GollyGosh 
3. Victoria at Victoria's Vintage 
4. V at Afluenza
5. E at Femme Chic
6. Mandy at Grace and Viola
7. Katie at Dreaming Of Forever
8. Lauren at Me And Moustashes
9. Sheree at Glitz And Grime
10. Laura at Petit Chatons

These are 10 blogs that I love and I hope you guys love them to! 
So now, I am supposed to say 7 facts about myself, here goes!
1. I live in Oxford, England while the majority of my family, including my dad, live in Phalaborwa, South Africa (home sweet home) 
2. I am hoping to be a fashion journalist in the near future
3. I could easily live off pasta, pizza and millionaire shortbread for the rest of my life. In fact now I'm hungry just thinking about it. I'm so healthy
4. I am unbelievably stubborn. You won't win a fight with me. 
5. My best friend is like my sister. 
6. Overall, I have 3 step sisters and 4 step brothers from both my mum and dad
7. I have the worst memory ever! I am constantly writing stuff on my arms and hands

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My birthday's in May. Just saying people

I Hear That You Like The Bad Girls Honey

T-Shirt - Stolen off a friend (but originally New York)
Cycling Shorts (not seen) - Mums
Pleather Jacket - Primark
Socks - Primark 
Cross Earings - Urban Outfitters 
Silver Ring Set - H&M
Dragon Ring - TopShop
Watch - South African Market

So, as is the trend with me, I'm going to start off with an apology for the lack of blogging lately, and once again give my pathetic excuse of obscene amounts of school work. Gosh, I can't wait for May, then I can finally be 18 and have my exams over and done with! Well, moving on, this is basically what I wore to school yesterday. It's a little different from what people usually wear to my 6th form (there's no uniform so people tend to wear jeans or something, not that there's anything wrong with that!) so I was a little anxious to wear it. But it was generally well received! Except for one or two comments about the length of the outfit. I actually wore a black skirt with it to school, instead of the short, so that I could change the length if I needed to, and a certain person (who is probably reading this) decided to change it for me and make me look like a nun! Haha well in my opinion anyway!. So I absolutely love this outfit, it's possibly one of my new favourites to wear out. It was inspired by the Rihanna video for We Found Love as there's a section where she's throwing darts in a statement T and her underwear. I thought it was cute, so I decided to make it wearable in the day! Oh and I have some exciting news! My blog had just been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! I was nominated by Nicole from The Gloss Over and you can check out my nomination here.  Anyway, I hope everyone is ok! Leave me a comment if you want to ask me anything or just for anything in general :) I love reading them! 
Until next time guys!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

You Like Your Girls Insane

 Shirt - Primark 
Skirt - Primark 
Belt - Vintage Gucci 
Necklace - TopShop 
Coat - Charity Shop 
Cross Ring - Topman 
Arty Ring - YSL

So, this is actually an outfit I wore to school this week but didn't have time to post due to the large amounts of work I have to get through, as per usual. I guess I will look back on these posts later in life and realize that all the work I'm doing was for my own benefit, even if it did effect my blogging in the process. So, obviously because this is a school outfit I didn't do my usual fully sheer style with this shirt but if I wore it out shopping or something, I'd probably whip the bralet out again. So here I've just added a black vest underneath to protect my dignity a little. I'm going through a stage of changing one colour on one of my nails, lord only knows why, but I felt these colours reflected the English climate at the moment: slightly dull with little colour. I'm hoping to do another week in pictures post later in the week as I have been taking pictures especially for it. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a decent week, despite the cold (unless it's not cold where you are, in which case you are very lucky!).

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Years Eve

Dress- New Look 
Jacket - Primark 
Shoes -

So here is what I wore on new years this year... finally! Can you believe I bought this dress for £9 in a New Look sale just before new years!? I was so unbelievably excited as I was determined to wear a sparkly/sequined dress for this party some of us went to, so score! These shoes however were given to me by one of my besties (thank you Gerv!) for a Christmas present and I had a slight shoe-gasm when I saw them. They are so bloody gorgeous. However, they are 6.2 inches and I am 5'11 so I was a little tall in them but who cares? The higher the heels the higher to heaven I say! They are a gorgeous rich green with a deep red sole and are actually quite comfy. I'm one of those really annoying girls that usually takes her heels off when she's out because of the pain but I managed a full night in these! (not including the few times I attempted stairs and grassy patches) 
Anyway, I'm sorry it's so late. Hope y'all still like it though! 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Week In Pitctures 1

 A pretty dull week I'm afraid. It's one of my new years resolutions to try and do one of these every week! Let's see if I can actually keep to that lol! Any questions about these pictures just post me a comment and I'll reply as soon as!
PS guys, a really good friend of mine has just started up a blog! Y'all definitely need to go and check her out!   

Oh Waiter?

Fur Cardigan - Zara
Shirt - Vintage 
Leggings - TopShop
Pleather Jacket - Primark 
Necklace - TopShop
Hat - TopShop 
Earings - TopShop 
Armour and Dragon Rings - TopShop
Black Gem Ring - TopMan

FINALLY! I have had time to post a new blog! Honestly, I'm getting so bad now that even my Grandma has been on my case to do new posts (my cousin is a blog superstar and I'm now being compared, thanks Lyds!). But here it is, my attempt at keeping warm and looking cool. To be honest I failed on the keeping warm part, but hey, warmth is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. This outfit is actually from my weekend, I wore it out to Dinner with some friends and I blended in quite nicely with the waiting staff at the restaurant when I took off my jacket/cardigan. Naturally I paired this outfit with my new go-to shoes (my black studded slippers) which are basically my new babies, I clean them all the dang time and am so careful when I wear them as I don't want any of the studs to come off! I've been going out as much as possible recently as I have now realized that school will be taking over my life for the next year and a half, so every free chance I have I go to the gym (new years resolution) or I go and see my friends. I'm hoping to do a 'week in pictures' post later tonight, fingers crossed I have time!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Back to School

Hat - TopShop 
Pleather Jacket - Primark 
Dress - River Island 
Necklace - TopShop 
Rings (from left to right) - South African Market, Camden Market, H&M 

Ugh I have school tomorrow. I don't actually mind about the work part, I'm quite looking forward to finally sorting it all out, it's the getting up at half 6 in the morning part that I'm dreading! My school starts at half 8 for some odd reason, while my old school used to start at 9:05. So this is a little like torture. Especially as I'm not a morning person at all, it's very rare to see me at breakfast, or even at lunch some times, as I'm usually asleep. But one of my new years resolutions is to take school and my education more seriously this year! So I shall man up and just do it, though I might moan about it a smidge. 
Anyway, this will be my outfit for school tomorrow. I've had this dress for about a year now and I never seem to wear it so I've decided it must be worn more often! It has really pretty detailing along the front and bottom of the dress which I am so in love with. Naturally, I have paired it with my go-to pleather jacket and some edgy jewellery from my every growing collection. I might wear a cardigan underneath my jacket if it's cold, as our common room can get quite cold in the winter. 
Ugh, school awaits. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

First outfit of 2012

 Hat - TopShop 
Shirt - TopShop
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - TopShop
Pleather Jacket - Primark 
Scarf - Vintage 
Shoes TopShop 
Ring - H&M 

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great new years. I certainly did, which is supported by the fact that I have drunk an unhealthy amount of apple juice today and have slept almost all day. But that's how every new year is supposed to start, hungover. Anyway, I'm afraid that my step siblings have been over this past week and a bit from France, so I have been out spending time with them and if I wasn't doing that I was doing obscene amounts of school work, but hey ho, it's over now. One of my new years resolutions is to try to blog at least once a week, which I know isn't much for some bloggers but I never seem to have the time these days! I'm hoping if I start getting a post done once a week it will eventually escalate to several times a week! 
Anyway, this is my first outfit of 2012! I'm afraid it's quite a 'comfy' outfit as complicated tight ones are just not appropriate for new years day. I think this outfit is rather hobo-chic, whilst I was walking through town this morning I think people thought I was a hobo (instead of a handbag I had a plastic bag full of my clothes from the night before). So it's fairly basic I'm afraid. I have finally whipped out my woolies this winter, the hat is a really really old buy from TopShop and the scarf was my Grandpa's, I'm so so so in love with it.
I am so in love with this lipstick! It's from the make up brand 17 and is in the colour Rich. I have never suited red lipstick and it has always killed me as I love a red statement lip so I was so excited when I found a dupe red lipstick that suits me! It's a very deep, rich purple colour and actually suits my skin colour (I have kind of a darker/olive complexion which doesnt come up too well on my rubbish camera) so if you're experiencing the same lip troubles as me that is a definite must have!  It's a really good quality lipstick as well.
I will do a post on my new years outfit tomorrow, I pinky swear!