Monday, 4 November 2013

New Blog

So 1 year later I have finally decided to turn back to the blogging world, though admittedly not through my own choice... Since I last posted I have started uni! I am in my first year at UCA Epsom studying Fashion Journalism, which I am totally loving (I would TOTALLY recommend this uni if you're wanting to study this course). I'll quickly say I was accepted into London College of Fashion but REFUSED to go as it was just too awful. Everyone was very stuck up and I felt really uneasy walking around the campus as it kind of feels like a hospital, but that could just be me. 
Anyway, my course leader has suggested that we all start up out own blogs and due to my new life at uni I have decided to start a new blog. I will still do the occasional OOTD but I'm hoping to mainly focus on fashion news, trends and culture - though a bit more chilled out and relaxed than I'm making it seem. If you'd like to check out my new blog click here (: 

Checking out for the last time! 

Emma x