Monday, 21 November 2011

Dear Santa...

I haven't been on my BEST behavior this year, but I still feel I still deserve these little beauties...

A silver sequin dress from - £44

Black patent courts from - £22.99

Celeb inspired temporary tattoos from - £6.99

Cut out dress in aubergine from inlovewithfashion,com - £42

Cross tank top from Topshop - £20

Blue trio stone ring from Topshop - £10

Eye and claw ring from Topshop - £10

Patent leather skirt from Topshop - £75

Black bottom studded tote bag from ebay - £29.99

Pleeaasseeeee Santa (and all of my friends and family who I love very very very much!)


Monday, 7 November 2011

Too Much Time With My Head In My Blog

Shirt - Primark
Shorts - Primark (limited edition) 
Headband - Primark
Jumper - vintage
Bandeau Bra - Urban Outfitters

Good evening everybody! I hope everyone had a fabulous bonfire weekend, I know I sure did. I was finally able to see my best girlfriends all together after months apart from each other. One of them has recently passed her driving test (congrats Laura if you're reading this!) though I must say it was rather like driving in the Bat-Mobile, slightly scary and yet a little exciting. She's a rather decent driver, just not when all of us are distracting her apparently, hehe. My actual bonfire night was spent with a couple of my best friends at our local rugby club. The display was fantastic, even more so due to the fact that they accompanied the display with a bit of Susan Boyle, which made the night if you ask me!
Anywho, I wore this little (literally) number on the night, and I must say I wasn't as chilly as I assumed I would be. I did bring along a mildly thick coat aswell to be fair though. I decided to stay very bland on the colour pallet (as always) as it was pitch black by the time we arrived, so the need for colour seemed pointless. I am madly in love with these shorts though as I usually shy away from them as I feel I have thunder thighs, an asset which is not hidden by shorts. But these bad boys can be rather flattering if worn correctly as they're rather loose, so they don't highlight the thighs. Also, I love that they are a dark colour and pattern as it means I can wear them in all seasons, yay!
This jumper I had actually completely forgotten about, it was on the back of my door under a large pile of coats, so I was super excited to be able to whip it out, especially as it's super chilly in the UK at the moment, so wooly jumpers are a must right now!
As you can see, I have re-kindled my love of sheer again, but I replaced my usual bra-let with a bandeau. I have to admit, the only reason I've done this is for mere comfort, bra-lets can become quite uncomfortable if worn for a long time. My best friend likes to mock me by saying I spend more money on my underwear than my outerwear, which in this case is totally true. Almost all of my clothing is under £11, while my bra is £13! That's a smidge embarrassing.  
Wow, I need to re-dip-dye my hair so badly. Next week, I promise! If you want me to put a step by step blog up for how I do my dip-dying just set me a little comment and I'll do my best.
nighty night darls

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For Goodness Sake Let Us Be Young

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Zara
Belt - Primark 
Jacket - Primark 
Rings - (claw) TopShop, (green) Spittle-fields market, (blue ring) YSL

So here's my latest look, and it's one of my new favorites if I do say so myself. This skater dress is from this seasons H&M autumn collection, from Oxford street in particular. Its a really great shape for curves and accentuates mine brilliantly, before I put my jacket over the top of course. The main thing I love about this dress though is that it's so unbelievably comfortable, I can actually breath in it! The material is a thick (fab for winter!), stretchy woolen fabric and I love it. I've paired it with a last season Zara cardi with elbow pads (a MUST have in British fashion this year) and my favorite pleather jacket, as you've probably realised by now. So I feel I should admit something here. I have a ring obsession. I think I'm borderline fetish (joke!). I've always wanted one of the YSL Arty rings and this month I finally had enough money to buy my own one! WIN!! As for the claw, well that little baby is from TopShop. It was originally £20 but with my student discount, which on this particular day was 20% off, it was £16. Another win if I do say so myself.
On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking of re-dip-dying my hair. My mum made me chop it all off when I started my new school, but you can still see the reminisce of it, which if you ask me looks a little silly. I think I've just convinced myself to do it though.
Apologies for the messy room, I live like a street rat I'm afraid
Oh, and I'm now on Bloglovin


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

Warning, this isn't a particularly fashion based blog. I was currently sat in my green pyjamas and red wool knit jumper and I suddenly realised how festive I looked. So I whipped out my special Christmas hair band (I've had it since I was 6) and took a cheeky picture. I am so unbelievably excited for Christmas it's unreal, as far as I'm concerned as soon as halloween is over, it's perfectly acceptable to start the Christmas hype, and trust me, it's started big time! I'm one of those nuts who like to have their friend's Christmas presents planned in October and starts buying wrapping paper the second it comes into stores.
Ahhh 55 sleeps until Christmas!
p.s yes, that is a bunny BlackBeryy case, I'm in love with it. I bought this one from a market in South Africa but I've seen a few floating about in English markets to.