Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Smells Like Christmas Spirit

Warning, this isn't a particularly fashion based blog. I was currently sat in my green pyjamas and red wool knit jumper and I suddenly realised how festive I looked. So I whipped out my special Christmas hair band (I've had it since I was 6) and took a cheeky picture. I am so unbelievably excited for Christmas it's unreal, as far as I'm concerned as soon as halloween is over, it's perfectly acceptable to start the Christmas hype, and trust me, it's started big time! I'm one of those nuts who like to have their friend's Christmas presents planned in October and starts buying wrapping paper the second it comes into stores.
Ahhh 55 sleeps until Christmas!
p.s yes, that is a bunny BlackBeryy case, I'm in love with it. I bought this one from a market in South Africa but I've seen a few floating about in English markets to.

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