Wednesday, 2 November 2011

For Goodness Sake Let Us Be Young

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Zara
Belt - Primark 
Jacket - Primark 
Rings - (claw) TopShop, (green) Spittle-fields market, (blue ring) YSL

So here's my latest look, and it's one of my new favorites if I do say so myself. This skater dress is from this seasons H&M autumn collection, from Oxford street in particular. Its a really great shape for curves and accentuates mine brilliantly, before I put my jacket over the top of course. The main thing I love about this dress though is that it's so unbelievably comfortable, I can actually breath in it! The material is a thick (fab for winter!), stretchy woolen fabric and I love it. I've paired it with a last season Zara cardi with elbow pads (a MUST have in British fashion this year) and my favorite pleather jacket, as you've probably realised by now. So I feel I should admit something here. I have a ring obsession. I think I'm borderline fetish (joke!). I've always wanted one of the YSL Arty rings and this month I finally had enough money to buy my own one! WIN!! As for the claw, well that little baby is from TopShop. It was originally £20 but with my student discount, which on this particular day was 20% off, it was £16. Another win if I do say so myself.
On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking of re-dip-dying my hair. My mum made me chop it all off when I started my new school, but you can still see the reminisce of it, which if you ask me looks a little silly. I think I've just convinced myself to do it though.
Apologies for the messy room, I live like a street rat I'm afraid
Oh, and I'm now on Bloglovin


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