Thursday, 13 December 2012

No Love Allowed

Beanie - Topman 
Shirt - Zara 
Vest - M&S 
Leggings - New Look 
Jacket - Topshop 
Bag - Zara 
Necklace - River Island 

Again, a fairly boring OOTD today I'm afraid. School doesn't exactly bring out the Anna Wintour in me. Any way, this outfit was surprisingly warm, considering I was hardly wearing thick layers, so I am giving this jacket an A* for warmth! My friend Hannah said to me today that if something has studs on it, I'm probably wearing it. It's sad how true that is really. It's becoming a borderline obsession! I have explained in a previous post that this shirt from Zara is NOT friendly for top heavy girls! This is a size large, and the button over my chest still popped off after I exhaled too deeply! So I now have to wear a vest underneath whenever I wear this shirt, just to attempt to keep some of my dignity. Just to add, the camera seems to be very forgiving here and has given me a much larger bust than I actually have, not that I'm complaining, they look practically fake here! 
Anywho, I hope to do another post tomorrow! Night everyone! 

Let's Get Festive

So here are just a few pictures from my life over the past few weeks (: 
If you have any questions about any of them, just leave me a comment, I try to reply whenever I get the chance! 
Also, a few people have been asking what dye I used to dye my hair, so I added a picture of the box and the dye itself at the bottom just in case anyone was interested. 
Hope y'all enjoy! 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Sparkle Sparkle

So, seeing as I am trying to keep to my promise of a post everyday before the new year, here is a super short post on my current favourite nail polish. Now, I am by no means a beauty blogger but I felt this nail polish deserved some recognition. I'm not big on the whole 'sparkle nail' trend but I just had to have this one from Barry M. I don't really like the sparkle polishes with just 1 colour as I find it too dull, however this one is a little bit of everything! It's called Amethyst Glitter and I cannot explain how much I love it. The 1 nail you can see in the picture with it on only took 2 coats! That's basically unheard of for a polish like this! Anyway, I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for something different this holiday season, especially at only £2.99! Total steal! 
 Hope you're all having a good December so far!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Studded Shoulders

Jumper - TopShop
Leggings - New Look 
Leather Jacket - TopShop
Fur Collar - Peruna, M&S
Bag - Zara 
Shoes - Zara 
Necklace - River Island 
Lipstick - Rimmel London, 330, Sloane's Plum

Happy holidays every one! 
I can officially not be condemned for being excited about Christmas, which I freaking am! Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I've had a lot on my plate, so I'm hoping to do a post each day until the new year to make up for it. But please don't hold your breath on that, I'm sure you all realise by now that I find it hard to blog regularly.
Anywho, today I just had to run some errands and get some work done, so the outfit is more about comfort and warmth rather than actual style I'm afraid. The jumper is super cosy and warm so it's so appropriate for the shitty English weather at the moment. I must warn you though, if you are looking into buying this jumper you should know that the studs are sewn on and look pretty flimsy, I'm being really careful with it as it looks like they could fall off at any moment, though so far so good. 
I finally have a new jacket! The old one finally died, after 2 years, which is pretty damn good considering that it cost me £6. Good ol' Primark. Anyway this jacket was reduced online to £50 from £75 so I snatched it while I could. The studs are all pyramid studs and they are also all along the collar but you can't see it here.
As you can see I have migrated to my bathroom to take OOTDs now as the lighting in my room has officially become too dark to take pictures in, so I shall be using my bathroom until I can find better lighting. I'm off to South Africa in just over a week so hopefully I can get some pretty decent pictures then. 
Just one last quick thing, the shoes and bag were both an early Christmas gift from my Grandma (thank you!) and I am so unbelievably in love with them. They were both around £25 from Zara online and I was so surprised at how quickly they were delivered, well done Zara, keep up the good work. 

Hope you're all excited for the holidays! 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pink & Green


Crop Top - Topshop 
Skirt - Oasis 
Necklaces (from shortest to longest) - Asian Markets, Present from a friend, Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize 

So this is actually something I wore out Saturday night, however I was in no fit state to be taking pictures, or at least good pictures (I'm known to put my finger over the lens if alcohol is involved). I lovee this top, though I do need to work on flattening my stomach before I experiment  anymore with it! So until then, A-line skirts all the way! This skirt was bought for me as a 'Welcome home from South Africa' present from one of my best friends. Admittedly it was on sale for £10 and she works there so she got it for £6 but I was still touched by the thought! And I love the fact that it's pleated! There are so many leather look skirts going around at the minute that aren't actually pleated and it doesn't half get on my nerves (no offense to anyone out there who likes them). 

Anyway, that's all folks! 

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Listen Well Will You Marry Me

Shirt - Stolen off my boyfriend
Vest - H&M/my best mate's closet
Shorts (not seen) - Topshop

So almost all of this outfit has been nicked off of other people, but oh well that's what you do when you're  as broke as me I guess!
Admittedly I did wear a coat over this as England isn't the warmest of places at the moment, but the coat didn't go so I decided not to show it.
Anywho, I have a set of English work with my name on it (literally) so I must run. Promise to do another post soon!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sweet Nothing

Shirt - Zara
Vest- M&S
Skirt - Primark 

So here's a super quick post on one of my new favorite shirts! This baby was a present from my Daddy (thank you Daddy!) and I loovveee it. I've been lusting after it ever since I saw Lexi (FashionFilth) wear it in one of her videos. However, a quick warning for any busty girls out there, Zara is not our friend! After 2 days of wearing this shirt I managed to rip out one of the buttons just by inhaling too hard! So I have some serious DIY ahead of me. 
Anywho, I have a mountain of coursework waiting for me. 


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's T-Shirt Time - Peter Edition

So this is a quick post honoring my friend Peter and his awesome choice in T-shirts. All of them are referencing something by the way so in case you were wondering the top t-shirt is in reference to the Captain America movie, the second is Back To The Future (such a good film!), the third is a reference to a YouTube video (see here) and the last is a physics joke which I personally don't understand, leave a comment below if you do lol! 

I'm really into graphic Ts at the minute so I'm thinking about taking pictures of cool t-shirts I see over the month (no doubt Peter will reappear in future posts, he has a large collection of t-shirts) and then making it a monthly segment on here. Good or bad idea? 


Monday, 24 September 2012

Topshop Lusting


Topshop are currently doing the most amazing clothes that I NEED! Shame I have no money. Ever. 
Time to use the big guns...
Daddy pleaseeee! 

Rebel Without A Cause

Top - Dorothy Perkins 
Galaxy Top (worn as skirt) - ARK 
Jacket - Primark 
Hat - Topman
Amethyst Necklace - Accessorize 

 So here's a quick post with what I wore to school today. It is starting to get cold in England again unfortunately which means my next few posts may include some warmer options of clothing (God I hate British weather). So if you have read my blog before you probably would have seen this galaxy top before as I totally love it and I've been lusting over the skirt version for absolute yonks. So instead of wasting money which I don't have, I decided to just tuck the straps of the top into my bra (to stop it from falling down throughout the day) and then just pop a top over it. Simples. Warning, you will also probably be seeing quite a bit of this hat in future posts as I love it. I'm going through a cba phase with my hair and popping a hat on it seems to do the trick for me quick nicely. 

More posts coming soon guys. 

New Hair

I'm back!
sorry for my long absence everyone! I have been away in south africa for the entire summer and internet is limited in my town there. But while i was away i decided to rebel a little bit and dip dye my hair purple! But alas, it is not permanent, as my father made it quite clear that it is not allowed for his wedding in December so it should wash out in a month or 2. 
Anyway, hope you all had a good summer!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Week Of Nails

I've become pretty well known around my 6th form as being the chick with the claws, it's not the greatest label but one I'm willing to live with. I am obsessed with stiletto nails at the moment, I hate not having them on. Admittedly they are a bitch to type with if you have a touch screen phone, and write with, or draw, or use a computer... ok so they make life pretty difficult, but they make up for it by being so awesome. I have had to make my friends open all of my drinks recently as it is impossible haha. I do all of my nails myself, I use KISS nails and glue and I have found that they stay on for well over a week if I'm careful, though they don't tend to survive too well if I'm drunk or on a night out, I always wake up and find I've lost one.