Tuesday, 19 July 2011

OOTD - I Don't Know Much About Guns

Vest - Primark
Maxi Skirt - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Rings - Primark

So, I should probably take this chance to apologize for a) the lack of blogs lately, but it's nearly the end of school so they should start to come a little more regularly now, b) the appauling lighting in this picture, it was originally intended to be sent to my best friend to show her my new buys from Primark, which leads us nicely onto c) the amount of Primark in this outfit but I went to Primark this weekend and went a tad crazy.
 Moving on, it's probably clear that I have become hooked on the maxi trend this season as I now own 2 maxi skirts, which are probably 2 of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. This perticular beauty (the skirt) cost me £12 from Primark and even I have to admit I'm impressed with the quality, it's a very soft, cotton material, which isn't what you would expect from Primark. I've paired it with a lacey black vest which I bought from Primark last year, but I see people wearing them everywhere so I would assume Primark still sells them, or something just like them.
The necklace is by far one of my favourite necklaces (a jewllery storage + collection blog will be up soon). Again, I bought it around a year ago from Topshop, but you can buy rosary beads everywhere nowadays. My hair is just up in a messy bun, mainly as I couldnt be bothered to do much with it, but I think it looks pretty good with the outfit this way. For shoes, I'd most likely pair this outfit with my brown loafers or some plain black pumps and then add my pleather jacket (again, Primark. How embarressing) to finish off the look.
Hope y'all enjoy x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Hair!

Yes, I have joined the dip-dye hype. I must admit, for a DIY job, I didnt do too badly. I used the LOREAL bleaching kit to do this (Note: if you're thinking about doing this at home, make sure you use bleach, not regular hair dye as it could just turn orange) which meant rubbing blue gunk on my hair and leaving it for 20 minutes. To get a faded colour effect I applied the bleach twice, once at the tips of my hair and then again higher up to make the blonde lighter at the top and then gradually become blonder, if that makes sense. Overall, this cost me £7, which as you can imagine is a LOT cheaper than having it done professionally, but if you dont want to take the risk of a DIY job, you can get this done for around £20-£30 at a hair-dressers. I'll try to keep y'all updated on quality over time :)

Dulled Down - Sheer Collection No.1

Hair + Make-up  Shots.

So, here is the first to my hopefully many 'Collection' blogs. This little sheer gem is a Primark find (£11 I think) and has yet to show me any signs of bad quality, unlike a few other Primark 'bargins' I've found. I really like the fact that it has a longer back as it gives the shirt a more original and edgy feel whilst hiding my bum on my 'oh-my-gosh-my-arse-is-huge' days (which are becoming more and more frequent).  Because the shirt is sheer and is exposing quite a bit of bralet, I decided to pair it with a plain black skirt (£3.99 - H&M) so that the shirt becomes the focus of the outfit and I dont feel I've over done it. Though, as a budding fashionista I must say I'm embarressed at the lack of jewllery in this outfit. One tip I would give for this outfit: this shirt it quite a bit more see-through than some of my other sheer shirts, so I would advise a bralet (a long bra - mine is from TopShop) or a vest top underneath, rather than just a bra.
I've kept hair and make-up very standard here as well, as this was in fact a school outfit, but I cant say I would have done it very different otherwise. If you want a post about my make-up here, drop a comment my way please.