Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dulled Down - Sheer Collection No.1

Hair + Make-up  Shots.

So, here is the first to my hopefully many 'Collection' blogs. This little sheer gem is a Primark find (£11 I think) and has yet to show me any signs of bad quality, unlike a few other Primark 'bargins' I've found. I really like the fact that it has a longer back as it gives the shirt a more original and edgy feel whilst hiding my bum on my 'oh-my-gosh-my-arse-is-huge' days (which are becoming more and more frequent).  Because the shirt is sheer and is exposing quite a bit of bralet, I decided to pair it with a plain black skirt (£3.99 - H&M) so that the shirt becomes the focus of the outfit and I dont feel I've over done it. Though, as a budding fashionista I must say I'm embarressed at the lack of jewllery in this outfit. One tip I would give for this outfit: this shirt it quite a bit more see-through than some of my other sheer shirts, so I would advise a bralet (a long bra - mine is from TopShop) or a vest top underneath, rather than just a bra.
I've kept hair and make-up very standard here as well, as this was in fact a school outfit, but I cant say I would have done it very different otherwise. If you want a post about my make-up here, drop a comment my way please.

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