Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Hair!

Yes, I have joined the dip-dye hype. I must admit, for a DIY job, I didnt do too badly. I used the LOREAL bleaching kit to do this (Note: if you're thinking about doing this at home, make sure you use bleach, not regular hair dye as it could just turn orange) which meant rubbing blue gunk on my hair and leaving it for 20 minutes. To get a faded colour effect I applied the bleach twice, once at the tips of my hair and then again higher up to make the blonde lighter at the top and then gradually become blonder, if that makes sense. Overall, this cost me £7, which as you can imagine is a LOT cheaper than having it done professionally, but if you dont want to take the risk of a DIY job, you can get this done for around £20-£30 at a hair-dressers. I'll try to keep y'all updated on quality over time :)

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