Sunday, 11 December 2011

Party Season

Top (Dress) - ASOS, Cheap Monday
Shorts - Primark
Belt - Vintage Gucci 
Pleather Jacket - Primark 
Shoes - Office
Clutch - TopShop

So, evidently my streak of posting everyday is over, but it was fun while it lasted! The last few days have been pretty crazy so I haven't had much time to blog I'm afraid. I'm sorry! This will hopefully be the first of a few party outfit posts (but I might not, I have the memory of a goldfish) showing you what I wear to party's this time of year. It's sad to say that I haven't actually worn this out yet, but it's a possibility for a party next weekend. The top I'm wearing here is actually a dress from Cheap Monday, which I bought on ASOS, but I popped my shorts over the bottom half of it to make it look like a cute corset top. The dress/top is a black denim type of material with leather on the sides. It looks cute as a top and a dress I think. I'll try and post a picture of what the dress actually looks like in another part outfit post. It makes me sad at how worn these shoes are getting. They're my little babies and my go to shoes for most going out outfit, which is probably why they're so worn down. Just FYI, I bought them from Office online in a size 7 (which always fits me perfectly) and they were annoying small, which very rarely happens to me! So be careful if you're ordering from Office online, I would advise going a size up. Anyway, if you do make the same mistake I did, here's a little tip from me: if they're real leather shoes, pop them in the freezer with sandwich bags filled with water inside of them (make sure the bag is properly sealed!) and then leave them in the freezer for about half an hour. The water will expand when it freezes, stretching the leather and making them a size bigger. Tah dah! 
Anywho, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season! 

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  1. I was going to buy these shorts and now i wish i did they look lovely on you :) great look, loving your blog xxx