Thursday, 21 April 2011

Milk Maid Chic?

I don't know  whether it's possible to look like a German milk maid and look good, but I think I've come pretty close here. With summer quickly approaching, though it could come a smidge quicker, I felt it was time to break out of the colourless rut I've got myself in this winter, so out comes the green skirt! This bad boy is one of my new favourite pieces in my wardrobe as you cant help but see it, it doesnt let you ignore it! Kinda like me.
Like most women I have my insecurities about my body and by far my biggest (literally) problem is my butt and thighs, and this skirt helps me to solve that, WINNER - to quote Mr Sheen. A lot of friends have seen this picture on my facebook and commented saying that it looks like I've lost weight, so to all my fellow booty and thigh gals, I would recommend a waist sinched skirt with a bit of volume.
As for the shirt, well that's vintage shopping at it's best I think. I picked up this little number in a vintage shop in Oxford and havnt been able to take it off (not litterally of course). I have a total fetish for sheer clothing this season and this shirt is just that. Don't get me wrong, it's in no way stripper or hoochy sheer, but it does show some minor bra colour, so here's my top tip to all you sheer-virgins, wear a black or darker coloured bra! Anything else will either be too light to show up, or could run the risk of looking hoochy!
If you cant find a good vintage sheer shirt, Primark have begun to sell a range of sheer shirts that are of pretty decent quality. You may need to replace a button here or there though. I'll pop some pictures up of my Sheer collection soon.
So who knows, maybe I've just started next seasons hot new trend, milk maid chic.

Shirt - Vinatge, Skirt - Zara (this season), Belt - Primark (last season)


  1. i love your out fit! those colors look great on you!

  2. I really love that skirt! :) cute outfit x